01. The professor's lecture just repeated what is written in our assigned [text].
02. You can store thousands and thousands of pages of [text] on a single CDRom.
03. A [text] of the speech was made available to reporters at the end of his address.
04. You can buy used [texts] for half price in the book store in the Student Union Building.
05. The [text] which accompanies the photos provides a fascinating insight into the creation of each image.
06. There are 20 kinds of kisses described in the "Kama Sutra," the classical Indian [text] on eroticism.
07. The Internet can be used to access huge amounts of information in the form of [text], graphics, sound, and video.
08. The editor suggested a number of changes to the [text].
09. Some people suggest that school history [texts] are merely propaganda made by governments to control the thoughts and perspectives of school children.
10. If you read a series of [texts] on a related topic, you will be exposed to vocabulary which is repeated frequently.
11. The most ancient sacred [texts] of the Hindu religion are written in Sanskrit, and are called the Vedas.
12. A. Attanasio once noted that silence is a [text] easy to misread.
13. George Santayana once said that there are books in which the footnotes or comments scrawled by some reader's hand in the margin are more interesting than the [text].
14. Both Christianity and Judaism were founded on written [texts], and taught a code of ethics.
15. When giving a presentation, always check your [text] for errors ahead of time.
16. Studies have shown that online discussions using [text] messages are very different from discussions which are held face-to-face.
17. E-mail has become a very popular way of exchanging [text] messages via the Internet.
18. An Egyptian [text] of 1600 B.C. describes 100 medical prescriptions using beer.
19. Averil Coxhead did a [textual] analysis of university books to find out which words appear most frequently in academic books.
20. John Calvin and other Protestant leaders of his time were distrustful of art in worship and prohibited the singing of all but biblical [texts] in church.
21. The chants of the Roman Church can all be divided into those with biblical and those with nonbiblical [texts].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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(of a literary work, as distinguished from comments), / (of Scripture), , , , / , , ,

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